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Products:Switch parts, Knobs, Two wheeler mirror housings, Motor insulation parts, Fuse Box, Plugs, Sockets, Button.
Properties: Meet outdoor application, these compounds having high modulus.
UV Stabilized Copolymer: Automotive outdoor applications like Mud Guard , Parts where impact is important.
Properties: Heat stabilized, nucleated for fast molding cycle with excellent molding and dimensional control.

Glass Fiber Reinforced
Products: Radiator fans, Terminal block, Switch housing, Instrument housing, Insulation parts, Chair base, Encapsulation, Shroud, Under-bonnet parts, Pillion handle, Gears, Cams, Rear view mirror parts, Door handles, Wheel cover, Gear housing, Holder.
Properties: Heat stabilized chemically coupled Glass Fiber reinforced grades with excellent mechanical / thermal properties. Offers reduced shrinkage. Shows excellent surface finish. Higher heat performance.

Mineral Reinforced
Products: Wheel cover, Lamp housings, Pillion handle, Switch housing, Lids, Grills, Engine hood, Instrument housing. 
Properties: Heat stabilized mineral reinforced Offers moderate strength and good surface finish. Low warping

Combination (Mineral / Glass Bead / Glass Fiber Reinforced ) Reinforcement
Products: Automotive parts, Instrument Housings, Handle, Heater grill, Parts where warpage control is important.
Properties:Moderate to good mechanical, thermal properties with smooth surface finish for warp free molding.

Flame Retardant Grades
Products:Bobbin, Switch parts, MCB Housing , Terminal Block, Relay base / parts, Printed Circuit Board frame, Connectors, Carbon brush holder.
Properties: Unfilled FR grades possess moderate strength, anti dripping, properties. But combination of FR and glass filled possess combination of good mechanical/thermal properties. FR from 0.8mm thick parts, Moderate mechanical strength with low warp molding.

Self Lubrication Grades: MoS2 filled, Graphite filled, PTFE filled, MoS2 filled Reinforced
Products: Parts which requires self lubrication and can not be greased in the applications like Gears, Sleeves, Actuators, Clutches.
Properties: Dry lubrication for anti-friction & improved wear resistance. Low co-efficient of friction.

Super Tough Grades
Products: Tubing, Brake shoe for textile machine, Instrument shoes, Luggage parts / frames, Castors, Helmet parts, Parts where repeated hammering is involved.
Properties: Very High impact strength, Excellent chemical resistance, High elongation, Low density. Up to no break at room temp and high impact at -40’C.